Because the tribe in Northern Originally career opium cultivation. The plant can be illegal.
Encourage cultivation of alternative crops such as coffee Garlic, cabbage, and temperate plants. Since 2540 onwards the plant was brought to attention.
Coffee cultivation is more. Because plant and thought that would be easy.
Available to premium But when the coffee has already irreversible.

Market can accommodate the production. Has turned to growing cabbage instead of by No other crop rotation the soil deterioration. Since planting.
Single unique species for a long time. Resulting in low productivity and prices.

Crops at market price to buy low and unstable The need to grow. Other renewable plants to solve soil deterioration. It is the wilderness society organization of  Thailand to expedite remediation. The coffee is selected.

Plants that grow circulation. Because the northern climate. Suitable for coffee cultivation. Market and get in touch for purchase. Coffee to fix a problem with people that have crop. Coffee in the past.

Arabica coffee
Arabica coffee varieties (Arabica) growing above sea level, approximately 3,000 feet to yield consistent.


Aroma mellow flavor. Seed Arabica coffee varieties are less than the amount of caffeine Robusta species estimated as a worldwide production of coffee Arabica coffee varieties 75%
Cultivars Robusta coffee (Robusta) grown in the area above sea level, not many. Mostly grown in tropical countries. The flavor concentration. Pungent aroma than Arabica coffee varieties. The proportion of coffee production around the world 25%.


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