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Doi Pui village around a very beautiful scenery and you can see Doi Inthanon is clearly well ahead. Visitors can easily visit because it is near downtown. The journey takes approximately one hour from the city. The village has souvenir shops, which are both produced within the village and taken from the other sold to tourists with travel village is located on Doi Pui. Away from the palace has three kilometers of loca; road  over Able to see by yourself. Or to hire two rows of Doi Suthep up all season.


Educational systems fungus BUSINESS Kab coffee production of the high conservation of natural resources in sustainable agricultural systems. Has been gathering information and interviewing the farmers who grow coffee Arabica in Northern Upper ประ Tesco Thai system of coffee Arabica different such systems grow coffee only open for coffee with. Other crops such as fruit or wood forest economy And coffee in the back garden results showed that the system of Arabica coffee with fruit trees including plum persimmon economic lychee, pomelo, the economic returns are better than others. Reduce the risk of marketing.

Access and destruction of pests and further increase the forest area increased. This is useful to Conservation of natural resources on a high To coffee production as a sustainable agricultural system.

It is known that when the former mountain in northern Thailand's hill tribe opium cultivation is popular for family income. But when the king. Have to change the idea. Recover and rai opium With temperate vegetables. The current into productivity and create a revenue for the tribe. And a pride to the Thai people to this day people still walk by that approach.

Alive not to stray Illicit opium cultivation. Turn to temperate vegetable crops, especially coffee instead of Thailand has not lost the right climate foreign Currently, revenue is another key. That the people are getting along in Can the money from the coffee. Sent his sons to have the opportunity to study And apply the lessons.

Can return home development. Raise coffee prices accordingly. With a selling point with Organic Coffee ¤. Increase customer choice that people take part each c Organic coffee. King encouraged the coffee. It is a strategic one in the tribe Forest indirectly because of that Will have the coffee. Forest tribe must first To obtain an Organic Coffee ¤. Free from toxic substances. The treatment in the wild. The natural water from the back. Resulted in the villagers turned more attention in forests.


About Us
NAME: Mr. Phusawasdi Sukliang
BIRTHDATE: 13 February 1961
PLACE OF BIRTH: 19 Moo 4 T. Phakthan A. Bang Rachan Singburi Thailand
FATHER: Mr. Pin Sukliang
MOTHER: Mrs. Sanguan Sukliang
Education :  
Primary School: Wat Huayjaroensuk
T. Choengklad A. Bang Rachan Singburi Thailand
Secondary School: Srisaksuan Withaya
High School: Adult Education Institute Bhodisamphan
T. Naklua A. Bang Lamung Chonburi Thailand
University: Bachelors' degree: Management Science, Major Communication art
Rajabhat Institute Chiang Mai Thailand
Master Degree: Faculty of Humanities ,Major Tourism Industry Management
Chiang Mai University Thailand
Work History:  
1980-1985 Receptionist at Asia Pattaya Hotel
1985-1988 Receptionist at Chiang Mai Rincome Hotel
1988-1989 Tour Guide
1989 Private Tours & Travel Agency
2009- Doi Pui Coffee Co.,Ltd.( -The best organic grown in north of Thailand)
Expertise International Trade (Tourism & Hotel Industry)

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