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Policy in the business. 

Fees and funding information. 

Areas ranging from 60-90 square meters, the initial investment from 2,500,000 to 4,000,000 Baht 

1. The French size (Franchise Fee). 
     (Franchise royalties - lifetime) 1,000,000 Bath). 
The fee grant Doi Pui (Doi Pui) to open a business selling drinks with no contract. And neck every year to renew their licenses under this Agreement. To determine the specific location. 
Specified in the contract. 
2. A Royal Society (Royalty Fee) and the promotion of marketing (Marketing & Promotion Fee). 
2.1 The Royal Society calculated at 3% of net sales, cost of materials ordered. Buy from a company such as coffee beans. 
2.2 The promotion is costly to store coffee Pui pay a subsidy in the budget, public relations, advertising and promotion, as calculated at 3% of net sales, cost of raw materials purchased by the Company. 
Three. Worth exploring. 
In the survey area in Chiang Mai will be charged for the province to 15,000 20,000 -25,000 baht fee does not include accommodation and travel expenses of the staff. If the contract. This fee will be deducted from the fee-size French. In the event that the Company deems appropriate place with the company. Licensee will notify the lease premises. And / or any other contract with the Company. The eligible recipients. Must enter into a contract and pay the rent. Expenses. About the rent. 
4. Designs. 
      Company be chosen by the architect is responsible for the cost of the design of the actual costs incurred professional fees of approximately 80,000 to 150,000 baht, or 8-15% - of the budget.
decoration design should adhere to strict company policy. 
5. Decoration and each labels. 
     (The interior design and the 800,000 to 1,300,000). 
Grantee will be responsible for all decorating. And the label name specified by the grantee to use the services of a contractor or a subcontractor of the Company. Recommend it. 
6. Computing services and Internet Wireless bill. 

 The grantee must keep the money and buy software from the budget's investment in hardware and software, software for about 2 hundred thousand Baht
7. Admission fee to register a trademark and official permission.Grantee shall be responsible for fees. Application for registration of a trademark license to use the Intellectual Property Department and the duties and other costs incurred such as taxes, housing taxes, tags, etc. The company is the operator.
8. Other expenses. And working capital.Must have sufficient working capital to businesses such as raw materials, payroll taxes, fees and expenses preliminary Company may change without notice.

In terms of investment size fries, coffee, Doi Pui.
60 -90 square meters area.
The initial investment from 2,500,000 to 4,000,000 Baht
Divided into.
The design and decor from 800,000 to 2,000,000 Baht
The tool And equipment in the field of 1,150,000 Baht
Training materials and salaries 250,000 Baht
Royalty Friend size (5-year maturity) 500,000 Baht
The damage deposit of 200,000 baht.
Monthly Payment.
The Royalty 3% (sales - cost of raw materials purchased from the Company).
Promotion of market value by 3% (sales - cost of raw materials purchased from the Company).
The service will be granted.
- The right to use the name and unique style of "coffee Doi Pui National Park, the famous
- The right to buy real coffee, coffee, Doi Pui, various types of business.
- Assist in the design store Construction supervision. And decorating systems such as electrical systems, duct systems, smoke gas supply system to obtain standard
- Assist in providing materials for containers and beverage consumer electronics. The symbol "coffee Doi Pui.
- Assist in the procurement of raw materials distributor. That is to be used in the beverage business to assist in public relations. And activities. For promotional purposes. As well as print publications about the products and branches. Under operation.
- Assist in providing equipment. Collection system (POS) data for use in customer orders. Calculation and analysis of coffee sales. The grantees will have to buy it from a software company.
- Document management software and store personnel. Guide how to prepare drinks Drink recipes and costs. The right to their own business. Pride and business partners to assist when needed.

* Note *.
Fraud by the grantee to make the coffee other than the "coffee Doi Pui, the sales and customer service. By allowing consumers mistakenly think that a coffee "coffee Doi Pui, will be prosecuted civil and criminal strictly

Application form is sized fries.
1. Application Form.
2. Within shooting location store
3. Statement swag bank after 6 months.
Number of branches in the present -.
Prices franchise 1,000,000.00 Baht


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