Benefits of coffee

Since ancient times, people we know " coffee " for a long time over a thousand years ago until now is a coffee drink
The more popular and widely popular throughout the world. But more than many people know that deep flavor and tender if eaten .
The appropriate amount of " caffeine "in the coffee benefit body and mind in many ways.

Caffeine stimulates the brain active . This will accelerate the speed of data processing in the brain and shorten time .
Enhanced response of the desired concentration . The reasoning and memory . The amount of caffeine in moderation .
Reduce irritability Depression and emotional stress can . Make drinkers feel satisfied and happy .

Nutrition . Drinking coffee helps the body to get adequate amounts of liquid into a day. Moreover, meat , coffee .
Nine tracks have elements ซ Siam Night Scene Sun . Vitamin B is a kind of useful . There is also a research report that caffeine
Stimulates the body's energy . The breakdown of fat increased . Could drink coffee beverages in the diet .
Because caffeine and other substances contained in coffee stimulates acid secretion and gastric juice Coffee helps in digestion .
Is why many people drink coffee after a meal each potion

U.S. medical research by Dr . G. Foster Web professionals of the nervous system and zero
์ Honolulu Medical City was the U.S. men do not drink coffee, have the opportunity to take Kim San disease than those who drink coffee .
More than five cups a day to five times the impact of caffeine on blood medical benefit . Because caffeine helps .
To expand the artery nourish the heart . The blood to the heart more . But while the artery
The head fell . This helps reduce the symptoms of migraine headaches have . A study by Dr. Vincent TWO BUSINESS O shield
U of C Medical Center, Urban L - Harbour . Has set a new theory that Receiving 400 mg of caffeine per day .
May help reduce allergies to pollen .

According to research among women who drink coffee, no more than five cups a day were . The coffee is not a risk .Diseases of the heart is increased . Even in patients with arterial blockage problems or irregular heartbeat . For those who drink coffee every day .

Six or more cups per day had no heart rate higher than normal And the survey several times And research universities .Heart Ward found that coffee drinkers have Rate of breast cancer is lower than those who do not drink coffee . The Education of Boston University .

Found that patients who drink five cups of coffee a day Children . Pe risk of colon cancer, lower than other groups to 40 percent .
Coffee is good news for men to become global When Dr . Darwin C. Roberto Lima of pharmacology experts .

University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil , said that people with disability sexual problems due to drinking Drug abuse and depression , and life expectancy . Can solve this problem by appropriate amount of coffee each day.


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