The roasted coffee beans .
The roasted coffee beans (Coffee Roast) means bringing green coffee to heat or steam pipes .
Roast the tank . Using temperatures from 120 to 300 degrees Celsius , which is divided into the roasted coffee beans for 3 .

1 . The light roast (Light Roast).
Or also known as Cinnamon Roast , or Light Chololatetan.
Popcorn is the best light . The green coffee from a white or grayish green .
Changes to a medium brown . And no coffee oil sticks .
The roast will provide a high acidity and low intensity . Roasted like this .
Such as Blue Mountain, Mocca Coffee.

2. Central Roast (Medium Roast or C ity and Full City Roast).
Green coffee beans from a white or grayish green . A darker brown .
Than four cinnamon It will look like the coffee . It is a skin like satin .
But no oil sticks which include a roast of American Coffee,.
Irich Coffee, Java Coffee, Bracilian Coffee.

3. a dark roasted (Dark Roast).
The darker the roast as the color of green coffee from a white or grayish green .
Changes to chestnut Brown to black Coffee beans are oil sticks .
Throughout almost the whole coffee from coffee beans that are currently available .
Such as Vienna Roast, Italian Roast (Espresso), French Roast.
Temperature 250-300 degrees Celsius .



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